Stains are a troublesome and sometimes expensive problem. While we don't claim to have all the answers, we do have some tried-and-true methods of getting stains out. Professional cleaning is usually required on furniture and carpets after removing a stain because most of the time cleaning the spot leaves the rest of the area looking dirty. We are currently looking for suggestions on cleaning pet stains and odors; we haven't been able to find a good remedy for these...please send us your suggestion.












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1.) My chimney has white stains on it. What can I do to get rid of them?

2.) Bleach on carpet.

3.) Oil stains on concrete.

4.) Removing old paint from bricks.

5.) How do I remove hard water spots and stains from my tub area?

6.) Eliminating extreme mildew problems.

7.) How do I remove orange acrylic paint from my carpet?

8.) How can I get toothpaste stains out of carpets?

9.) How can I get hair dye out of a vinyl floor?

10.) How can I cover water stains on drywall?

11.) Pre-testing carpet cleaning solutions before use.

12.) How do I remove stains from my marble countertops?

13.) How do I remove stains from my microwave?

14.) How do I remove candle wax from carpet?

15.) How do I remove stains from concrete?

16.) How do I remove bathroom cleaner stains from our tub?

17.) How do I remove vegetable oil from cotton?

18.) How do I remove melted crayon from laundry?

19.) How do I remove rubber stains from wood?

20.) How do I remove candle soot from glass?

21.) How do I remove permanent marker from carpet?

22.) How do I remove cigarette smoke stains from walls?

23.) How do I remove smoke stains from porcelain fixtures?

24.) How do I remove creosote stains from clothing?

25.) How do I remove gray stains from vinyl flooring?

26.) How do I remove tarnish from brass and keep it off?

27.) How do I remove or cover oil stains on drywall?

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