Here are some of the most common plumbing problems. Plumbing does sometimes require a few special tools. But most of these projects can be done with basic hand tools. A medium-large pair of slip-lock pliers (channel-locks) are one of the most useful tools you can own for plumbing.












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1.) My shower drain leaks. How can I fix it?

2.) My shower pipes bang when the water is adjusted or turned off.

3.) I seem to have air in my kitchen faucet. It vibrates when I use it.

4.) Clogged washing machine drain and use of a drain snake.

5.) I have air in the pipes a lot. Why?

6.) Anti-freezing spigots not working properly.

7.) My well is acting up. What could be wrong?

8.) Tub and tile refinishing FAQ

9.) Repairing a well water line

10.) My faucet handle is stripped. How Can I fix it?

11.) My tub spout has a diverter built in. It leaks, is there a way to fix it?

12.) My shower stall needs replacing. Is it a DIY job?

13.) What kind of tools and hardware do I need to replace bathroom faucets?

14.) My kitchen faucet isn't working right. It seems to be clogged.

15.) My water pressure is very low. What can I do?

16.) Really bad hot water pressure at the tub spout. What can I do?

17.) My tub has no water pressure, it just trickles out. What's the problem?

18.) How do I winterize my sprinkler system?

19.) The sealer around my sink is falling out and the edge is rusting. Can I reseal it?

20.) When I turn on my bathroom faucet the pipes knock. What is that noise?

21.) My toilet is leaking from the tank. Any ideas?

22.) I just installed a new sink drain, but I can't get the assembly to seal. Help!

23.) My solar water heater is backflowing hot water into the cold taps. How can I stop this?

24.) I get a strong sewage smell in my bathroom at times. What is causing it?

25.) My shower runs a little when I'm filling the tub. Help me diagnose this puzzler.

26.) I can't get the faucet stem off to repair it. Any ideas?

27.) I need to fix my tub faucet, but don't know where to begin.

28.) My toilet clogged. What can I use on it when a plunger doesn't work?

29.) My sewer line is backed up. The plumber was here, but it's still not fixed. Help!

30.) I want to plumb my air compressor lines permanently. Should I use PVC?

31.) Quick fix for a dripping hose valve.

32.) Toilet troubles.

33.) I have loose rust and sediment in my tub only. What's the cause?

34.) How do I remove shower handles and where are the shut-off valves for my shower?

35.) Is a trap required for a washing machine? How can I deal with grease in that trap?

36.) Whenever I use water it sounds like there's a horn blowing in the pipes. What's wrong?

37.) My shower has uneven hot water. Is there a fix?

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