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Affordable Ink Cartridges

There is a common misperception that affordable ink cartridges are not worth the savings and could possibly cause harm to your inkjet printer.

However, there are a number of affordable ink cartridges that offer good quality printing and last just as long as the name brand cartridges. A simple online search will provide a listing of Web sites offering cartridges. Here's how to find the one best for your needs.

Check out the Web sites of the suppliers and compare their prices ink cartridges. Choose the most affordable one for your model of printer. Online suppliers will often offer a much lower price then the retail suppliers, and some offer free delivery for ink cartridges.

Cartridges fall into three categories:

  • Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)
  • Compatible
  • Remanufactured

OEM are branded cartridges such as Lexmark, Canon, Epson, HP, etc.

Compatible ink cartridges are not branded, but meet OEM specifications.

The remanufactured are refilled used cartridges. After cleaning it is refilled and reintroduced for sale in the market.

Find the type that best suits your needs for quality and quantity to be satisfied with you ink cartridge.


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