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Most lawn equipment maintenance is relatively easy, requiring only a small socket wrench set, some screwdrivers, and a small open-end wrench set. A good investment for maintaining lawnmower blades is a file and blade balancer. Both may be purchased at any small engine shop for under $15.











! Note- There are 2 different kinds of small motors. A 4-stroke motor is normally used for larger equipment. 4-stroke motors require the oil and the gas to go into separate areas and use regular motor oil. 2-Stroke motors are usually used for small equipment such as weed whackers, leaf blowers, and chainsaws. 2-stroke motors require the gas and special oil to be mixed together before putting it into the machine. 2-stroke motors are usually considerably louder while running than their 4-stroke counterparts. If sending a question, please specify which you have.


Choose a category:

 1.) My brand new Homelite blower won't stay running.

2.) How do I sharpen my reel lawnmower blade?

3.) I put too much oil in my mower. How can I get the extra out?

 4.) My Toro with a Briggs and Stratton motor has no spark. Help!

5.) My Briggs and Stratton motor runs very rough and erratic. What's wrong?

6.) I hit something with my lawnmower and bent the shaft. What are my options?

7.) My MTD Chipper Shredder will only run at full choke. How can I fix it?

8.) My Snapper mower dies after just a few seconds of running. What's wrong with it?

9.) My mower is getting harder and harder to start. The rope pulls really hard. Is there a big problem?

10.) My Go-Kart runs poorly and the kill switch doesn't work? What's wrong with it?

11.) My mower stalls after just a few seconds of running. Is the choke the problem?

12.) I have a riding mower and the starter won't work. Where might the problem be?

13.) How to remove the blade holder / adapter from the shaft on a mower.

14.) I just rebuilt my snowblower carburetor, what are the screw settings?

15.) My carb leaks gas out of the air intake. What's wrong with it?

16.) Carb tuning and resources for Techumsa motors.

17.) My lawn tractor won't turn over even with a new battery.

18.) What type of oil should be used in my mower?

19.) My motor is running very rough. What could be the problem?

20.) My mower is very hard to start cold.

21.) The belt on my lawn tractor is slipping it's fairly new. What's wrong?

22.) I found a wire hanging from my motor. Where does it attach?

23.) My Lawnboy won't run. I suspect a gas problem.

24.) My son turned my mower over, now it won't run. Help!

25.) Replacing a broken pull-rope.

26.) My mower won't propel itself any more. What's wrong?

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