! Caution - This section is designed for someone with no previous electrical experience. Always make sure the power is shut off at the main panel. We strongly recommend turning off all circuit breakers or fuses to be certain the circuit you're about to work on is totally dead.








Please choose a category:

1.) Replacing a circuit breaker.

2.) How do I repair a lamp?

3.) Wiring problems.

4.) I am installing a new circuit. Should I pigtail or use the outlet terminals?

5.) I have a touch lamp that won't work. What is wrong with it?

6.) I am wiring a 220 dryer plug. I don't know where the wires go. Help!

7.) Adding a 220 line in a very old house. Can it be done?

8.) How do I install a new thermostat?

9.) My circuit breakers keep tripping all the time. What's wrong?

10.) I bought a light fixture, but the wire colors aren't what I'm used to dealing with.

11.) Low voltage lighting (outdoor) problem.

12.) I am adding 6 outlets on my workbench. Can I tap into an existing line to make them work?

13.) I have a damaged lamp plug. How do I replace it?

Also see the Miscellaneous section for more related items.


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