Auto Checklist



This simple checklist reflects our experience in maintaining vehicles. This list may not agree with your owner's manual. We strongly suggest referring to your owner's manual for additional service schedules for your car. Every vehicle requires different checks at different times. These are basic items which can be checked by you:

Check every 2 weeks or 500 miles:

  1. Oil level
  2. Coolant level
  3. Top-off windshield washer fluid
  4. Transmission fluid level (if automatic transmission)
  5. Tire pressure

 Check every month or 1000 miles:

  1. Check for uneven tire wear
  2. Air filter
  3. Time to change the oil?
  4. All lights for blown bulbs

 Check every 2 months or 2000 miles:

  1. Time to rotate tires?
  2. Add fuel injector or carb cleaner to gas tank
  3. Oil door hinges

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