• Water Heaters
    Although it may be hard to believe, in the average household the second most costly output is in heating the water. Even more so than your central heating or food costs, ensuring that your home has hot water is often an expensive requirement. However, a lot of this cost can be overcome, or certainly reduced, by simply ensuring you have the most cost-efficient water heater installed in your home. By combining the right water heater with more energy efficient devices, you should soon see the costs of your bills plummet.
  • Humidifiers
    Warm Humidifiers: By Any Other Name Is A Vaporizer


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Please choose a topic:

1.) My dishwasher leaks from the bottom. What's wrong with it?

2.) My garbage disposal runs, but doesn't cut up the waste.

3.) My garbage disposal is just humming. Is it jammed?

4.) My garbage disposal runs, but the blades aren't moving.

5.) My air conditioner turns on but doesn't work right.
What could the problem be?

6.) My washing machine's spin cycle only gives water in spurts.
Is it working properly?

7.) My stove burners won't light. The pilot is lit. What's wrong?

8.) My central air ducts seem to be leaking into my attic.
How can I fix them?


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