Advertising On is a well-established site (online since April 1999). We serve up to 1 million pages each month to people in need of home repair information. 

Our Audience

Our audience consists of all age groups. The majority of the visitors are in the 25 to 60 year old age group. We typically answer questions to about 62% female and 33% male viewers (the other 5% are unspecified).


Our Rates

We are currently not accepting new advertisers at this time. Please email us to discuss future openings in ad space.


We produce consistently high click-through rates of about 3% for most ads, where most sites only manage about 1.5% to 2%.

Some of Our Advertisers Include:

Sears Home Central

Best Value Blinds

Warmly Yours Heating Systems

Integrity Coatings

Critter Rocks

New York Times



Our Pledge to You

1.) We are committed to making this site heavily traveled and well advertised throughout the search engines. Currently, we are the only totally free site to offer this wide a range of home maintenance information and a free email answer service. We are always monitoring our placement in the search engines and making sure we do everything possible to ensure good placement.

2.) We will only accept advertising from legitimate retailers or service providers.

3.) We will not advertise any pornographic or controversial site or material.

4.) This site will ALWAYS remain neutral. Meaning we will never voice opinions or beliefs outside of the limitation of our content.

5.) Any site advertised proving to tarnish the reputation of this site or any other advertiser will be promptly removed.

6.) We WILL NOT abandon this site, or stop maintaining it like so many other sites. We will continually add content and continue to grow.

7.) Total satisfaction! If you advertise with us, then decide it's just not for you. All you need to do is let us know, your remaining balance will be returned right away.

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